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Our Web Services

  • Easy to Edit Website development

  • Online educational course development

  • Website hosting


We specialize in developing websites that allow YOU to easily edit and update your web-pages using a simple editor. You do not need any technical skills beyond an understanding of how to use a program like Microsoft Word.

We set up the frame of your site for you (we do all the graphics and navigation and other tricky stuff), but the key thing is that what is inside the frame can be edited by you… easily!


This means for example that if you need to update the News section, you can do it yourself as fast as you can click three times and type! What about updating the picture on the homepage – no problem, you can choose another one yourself. What about adding a link, making some text bold and deleting a headline? Easy to do – just click type click done!


How do we make it this Easy?

What we do is put your website into a Content Management System (“CMS”). Because we use open source software, the cost is surprisingly low.


We can convert your existing website to the CMS or we can work from one of 1000’s of templates saving you time and money, or we can start fresh with a new design.


Once your website is built, there is no more futzing around with html, no more e-mailing the web-guy with three changes to make, no more wishing you could change something but knowing it is going to cost you more money.


We give you back the power you need to do it yourself and keep your site fresh and up to date.


Easy to Use

If you can use Microsoft Word then you will be able to edit your website! It is that easy.


You can change words, add paragraphs, make them bold, change the colours, add a link, increase the font size, change pictures, update the latest news, delete the typos and manage the pages in minutes (if not seconds) using tools that you are already familiar with.


It is as easy as surfing the site, seeing something that you want to change and clicking “Edit”. Then “Save Changes”


Great Features, Great Benefits

The benefits of using this Content Management System have been discovered by thousands of individuals, businesses and large corporations all over the world.

  • Ads, pictures, photo galleries, slideshows
  • Video and audio capabilities
  • Flash banners
  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Forums
  • Calendars
  • Blogs
  • and much more.

See more on the feature set here.

Contact us now for a free consultation and some ideas on what this costs.