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About Bluepoint
Bluepoint Managed Solutions began with a specific mandate: "help small and medium size companies with their technology needs". Our approach provided a refreshing change to other technical companies because we listen to your needs, we find the right solutions at a price that you can manage and we speak to you in English (not techno-speak!).

As we have grown we have added a phone system to our solutions because that is what customers need and the options were not always there for SMB's with a real world budget.

More recently we have answered the need to provide websites which anyone can manage and edit, which gives our customers unprecedented control over their websites allowing them to remain fresh and relevant without relying on a technical webmaster to make ongoing changes.

Our capabilities and range of solutions are growing every day. We would like to talk with you and see how we can help you take away your technology worries and leave it to the experts!

Please contact us today for a free technology consultation.