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Think about VOIP

The quality of VOIP lines has increased dramatically over the past 3 years. The potential savings in your Long Distance bill can be significant. As an example, you could pay $5.00/mo for a VOIP line and that line would give you rates such as:
  • 1.5 cents/min to the US, or
  • 0.9 cents/min to the UK.
Remember we can also set you up for free calling between locations!
A Big Company Phone Solution at a Small Company Price

Phone Solutions - Overview

Small and medium businesses need the same features and functionality as larger companies when it comes to phone systems because they have the same business needs.


Not only that, you want the advanced features of unified messaging (like voicemails delivered to your e-mail box), you want the software to scale easily (without pricey add-on modules), you might need remote access for offsite workers and travelers and you might even want to lower your phone bills by trying out the VOIP or digital lines that everyone is talking about.


The BluePoint phone solution provides all these features and more. Our phone solution is designed for small and medium sized businesses, giving you features and flexibility without the high price tag... Here are some highlights:

  • All the Phone features you need such as auto-attendants, caller ID, call waiting, transfer, call forward, direct to voicemail, intercom, full voicemail system, call parking, conference calling, etc
  • Voicemail to E-mail. Now you can have your voicemails automatically forwarded to your e-mail box as an attachment. You will never have to call in to see if you have any voicemails again. This is so useful when you are not in the office. You can also go to your personal web portal to see your voicemails online and click to listen.
  • Follow Me Feature. Enter up to 5 numbers and when someone calls your work line it will ring the numbers (e.g another extension, your cell phone, your home phone, etc) until your call finds you. Never worry again about missing that important call.
  • Remote Workers. You can work anywhere and still have your phone (or a softphone on your computer) ring your extension as if you were at work. more
  • Use VOIP Lines and Save. With our system you can use normal POTS/analog lines (like the Bell lines you might have now) and/or VOIP lines which may offer you some huge long distance savings (especially for international calling).
  • Remote Offices. Remote offices can all be part of the same extension dialing and calling between offices can be free using VPN connections.
  • Sophisticated call routing. You can control what happens to calls received and placed. For example, if someone presses “2” for Sales, you can have the phone system dial a series of numbers until someone picks up… or you can have the phone system dial, for example, 7 numbers at once, or you can set it to dial the next available agent. You can also route specific lines to specific people. It is easy to set up in the PBX interface (no complicated programming).
  • Call recording. The Call Recording feature allows for recording of phone conversations. Calls may be recorded on demand or be set to record inbound calls only, outbound calls only or both. Each user can be setup differently based upon need. Calls within Queues/ACD may also be recorded.

You can find our standard feature list here or click to see our Advanced Features

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