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IT Solutions - Overview

Every business has a core set of IT needs… things like internet access, e-mail and webmail, a place to save and share files on the network, printing and backup for your data.

Many companies would like a fully featured, scalable phone solution to give them the features enjoyed by large companies.

Some companies would like wireless networks and remote access to their files, while others might want to host their own website. With this comes a need for security – you need to protect your data with a firewall, anti-virus and intrusion detection/prevention software.

BluePoint has scoured the earth for the best platform for small and medium businesses and we are pleased to bring you the BluePoint solution:


Server, software and support with all of the core features you need, in one package.


We set it up the way you need it, install it at your location, and support the solution and your employees to the extent you need.

The open source revolution in the software industry has made it possible to provide you with hundreds of features at an affordable price. Among other features, antivirus, antispam, VPN and content filtering are built right into the software -- no need for expensive third party add-ons. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars per year.

BluePoint delivers a feature-rich solution with many potential add-ons for your specific needs with many benefits for small and medium companies. BluePoint uses a linux based server which integrates many open source technologies into one platform (what is open source software?)

Contact us today for a free consultation and get the Bluepoint Advantage now! For a fast idea on pricing please fill in our IT QuickQuote form and we will get back to you within 48 hours.